Hālau Kala‘akeakauikawēkiu

Hālau Kala‘akeakauikawēkiu (HK) is a culture-based organization founded on the mission to heighten indigenous Hawaiian cultural awareness and participation through our educational programs and annual performances.

HK focuses on maintaining and perpetuating the teachings beliefs, practices, philosophies and traditions of our culture through hula and the arts.



KUMU Aloha

Kumu Kenneth "Aloha" Victor

Since 2006, Kumu hula Kenneth “Aloha” Victor has shared his life’s teachings, Hawaiian knowledge, past experiences, future goals, and love for our rich history and culture with many of West Hawaiʻi. His vast knowledge, passed through generations, has been a product of his past teachers; Hualani Brandt, George Naope, Keoni Atkinson, Nani Lim Yap, Pat Nāmaka Bacon, and Taupōuri Tangarō; who have influenced his style of dance, dance repertoire, methods of teaching and overall cultural perspective.

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Our logo represents our five classes in the hālau…

E Komo Mai

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