We REQUIRE you to commit to a one ( 1 ) year hālau contract.
Our contract is an agreement of participating 100 %. As we commit to teach our 100 % to the students and their families, we want your 100 % too.

It is important that you or your child commit to the year long of adventures, new challenges and learning of a hālau ʻohana. This will better gauge your learning and understanding of how a hālau works.

No one ever said hula is easy. Hula is NOT easy! But a well trained dancer, makes hula look easy! It requires commitment, loyalty, hard work and compromise.

Hula and hālau is about progression. Each day, the goal is to move forward with the current learning material and be better than you were the day before.

RULE #1: Hālau and Kumu is NOT a babysitting service. Attendance is MANDATORY and crucial to your success in hālau.

If you or your child will be absent from hālau:
– call, text or email your class coordinator
– coordinate catch up time with fellow hula sisters/brothers
– coordinate a copy of notes or shared material during the class

* Five unexcused absences will automatically be considered as your decision to not be a part of the hālau.

Unexcused absences are considered to be an absence without a call or an email. We understand things happen personally, schedules at home may change or transportation changes may occur so it is very important to communicate all information with your class coordinator. Remember: We Do Not Read Minds! We Are Not Psychic!

Excused absences are due to illness, doctor’s appointments, planned extended family trips and family emergencies that are unforeseen.