About Hālau Kala’akeakauikawēkiu


We welcome you and your family to Hālau Kala’akeakauikawēkiu,

Hālau Kala’akeakauikawēkiu (HK) is a culture based organization founded on the mission to heighten indigenous Hawaiian cultural awareness and participation through our educational programs and annual performances. HK focuses on maintaining and perpetuating the teachings, beliefs, practices, philosophies and traditions of our culture through hula and the arts.

Since 2006, kumu hula Kenneth “Aloha” Victor has shared his life’s teachings, Hawaiian knowledge, past experiences, future goals and love for our rich history and culture with many of West Hawai’i. His vast knowledge passed through generations has been a product of his past teachers; Hualani Brandt, George Naope, Keoni Atkinson, Nani Lim Yap, Pat Nāmaka Bacon and Taupōuri Tangarō has had many influences in his style of dance, dance repertoire, methods of teaching and overall cultural perspective.

This packet of information will highlight the expectations we have for each student and their families; the practice schedules, tuition information, attendance policies, field trips, performances, practice uniforms, hālau registration requirements and a signature page as our commitment and agreement with each other.

We foster open communication and understand the importance of communication to accomplish our purpose and goals as a hālau. We encourage all keiki and families to talk with us at anytime and for any reason. If something is shared or taught in hālau that is not understood, we ask that you come to us first for further explanation. Everything we do and say is always done with good intentions.

An open mind and open heart is needed with learning anything new. We must embrace new personalities, new expectations, new schedules, new ideas, new feelings and new thoughts. The beauty of this, is that these new lessons we learn along the way will support and build a stronger foundation for ourselves and our family.

Hula is much more than just an art or a form of dance, it is a lifestyle. You and your keiki will see how life’s lessons, character building, responsibility, attention to detail and overall general growth can be derived in a simple hula lesson.

We are so thankful that you have chosen to be a special part of Hālau Kala’akeakuikawēkiu. We look forward to building this relationship with you and starting a new journey in life together.

We are excited for this new year of opportunities for the hālau and the wonderful experiences for you and your ʻohana.

Me ka ha’aha’a,
Kumu Kenneth Dean Alohapumehanaokalā Victor

H ā l a u Ka l a ’ a k e a k a u i k a w ē k i u
74-5603 Alapa St Bay #5 Kailua – Kona, HI. 96740
P.O. Box 4282 Kailua-Kona, HI 96745 | 808-989-4616